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Double Trouble Cruise


Teen age brother and sister overcome many fearsome troubles while cruising in their large family boat. 

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I like the setting of this story, many people are unfamiliar with the sea, and so it gives everyone a glimpse into an exotic sort of place.  I am uncomfortable with the idea that if the sea was so rough, their Dad wouldn't have been tethered, or they wouldn't have been sort of checking on him, periodically.  And I find it hard to believe that a pre-teen and a teen wouldn't have had cell phones, or DS's that would have helped them contact someone, but, of course those might have been waterlogged.  There seemed to be unexpected mood swings, but some of that could have been situational, even attributed to youth.  I would have expected shock, though.  My only other thought would be that a boat with the most modern equipment should have had a gps, and some sort of emergency signal.  Still, I don't mean for all my comments to be negative, I think that with a little work, this story could be sailing!  Please, don't be discouraged, I just really want to offer comments that have value!

From: Spring Free | Created on: 3/29/2012 9:32:37 PM

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