Picture of The Trophy

First person narrative, no dialogue. High school boy who writes a suicide note apologizing for killing a girl. 

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Nice Phrasing!
I liked the way you phrased some of your words in this story!  But, I did have a few moments of "disbelief."  I don't understand why this young man would rape a girl he was trying to convince he meant no harm.  Somehow, that's not a convincing argument!  I think it would be positively Poe-like, if you had went into the young man's mind as he waited to get caught, as he felt the guilt for what he had done, and such.  I am not convinced that having murdered someone, your sex drive could ever recover!  That was "shades of psychological mayhem" for me.  I could believe this character would be writing a "confession," I am imagining planning on his suicide, or something.  I do wonder, why you don't mention that the girl would be "missing," or that police would be doing an investigation.  Anyway, I like your writing style, and I encourage you not to let anything I have said discourage you!

From: Spring Free | Created on: 4/1/2012 9:48:32 PM

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