Picture of Never Say "I Love You" To A Drunk

Never Say "I Love You" To A Drunk


Two young friends in a New York City rock band become involved with the same woman. 

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Music and THE City
I  liked this story.  I find it hard to imagine that New York streets are ever deserted, but I like the story.  You do a good job of describing your characters, and their surroundings, and even your "scene."  Suicide sucks.  It just does.  But, that is not your fault.  Your title is good.  It has intrigued me for days, as I scrolled past it to get to the next story I should read.  I started at the bottom, figuring those stories would be read less, and wanting to try and read all those.  It is largely because I have a real problem with these author's websites winding up some terrible "popularity contest."  I like this one, because the "Editor's Pick" saves it from being that way.  Anyway, you do a good job describing the Music Scene, I have seen it, some.  I liked the descriptions of the falling snow, too.  You have talent, and you use it well.  I can't say anything, really, that would make your story better, so that is saying something to me.  Best of luck to you!  Thanks for sharing your work!

From: Spring Free | Created on: 4/1/2012 11:00:42 PM

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