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Half-Smile is ruthless, cunning and devious but he is not evil. He roams the long roads left in England hunting a man that is scarred like himself occasionally using his unique skills to the benefit of those he meets. This is the story of the Half-Smile man.  

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I like this story.  It's set in a grainy, vague sort of London, almost one that would seem never to have existed, or futuristic, sort of Road Warrior like.  The descriptions are clean, they tell you what you need to know without making it boring or too obvious.  Your talent shows.  The Tarot Cards are an interesting addition, and it provides an interesting take on it, the players of the cards being played by the cards.  I am glad I found this story!  Other than a few typos, and the kind of slide from a "pisser" to a "stranger" in the beginning, which could have been deliberate, I can't find any faults with it.  The characters are necessarily vague, you probably don't want to know what they are thinking, and it's really well done!  Good Luck to you!

From: Spring Free | Created on: 4/3/2012 1:52:27 PM

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