Picture of Blood On The Beach

 This is a romance story about a young woman, Clarisse, being taken by her single parent father to the untamed frontier of Texas, prior to statehood. She encounters many people moving into the Texas territory running from the law or hiding from their past. Learning to tell who she can trust and who she cannot is the real challenge. Come follow Clarisse into her new life, new love, and new adventures in the wild Texas frontier. 

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Word Count 3492
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Part 1?
This story is noticeably unfinished, although fairly well written.  It might have been better to kind of make the journey to Texas a short story that becomes a first chapter, then, maybe so much wouldn't have been left unwound.  Many of your descriptions are good, and it's interesting, but there is no "real" catch, other than to wonder what happens next.  There are a few typos, which you'd want to correct, because the story is a good one, and you don't want something minor to take away from it.  I like it, I just wonder if it might have been better, had it not felt so "cut off."

From: Spring Free | Created on: 4/3/2012 3:03:55 PM

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