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Except for a very brief period the strategic Port of Galveston remained under Confederate control throughout the Civil War. Follow the ancestry of one man's roots and experience the untold story about a small group of men who were instrumental in keeping the Port of Galveston from remaining in the hands of Union forces.  

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History Buff?
I like this story, it has a lot of what sounds like historical fact in it, and I would think, given time and proper details, could become a "Historical Epic."  The Cajun people, the settings, the courageous and outnumbered wins, deserve more detail.  I personally was left wondering about the son born just as his father was sent into war (WWI?)!  It reads more like a true historical document, which, as a diary, it should, but, what I think I am saying, is, that to capture a broader audience, it should tell more dialogue, events of the era, and personal lives of its cast of characters.  How the first young man met his wife, their courtship, marriage, the growth of the original fours friendship, all of that, could be told.  There is so much potential here!  Please don't let my comments discourage you!

From: Spring Free | Created on: 4/3/2012 6:04:38 PM

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