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This story is about a young girl who is trapped in her house by the fear of her parents. She doesn't understand why they behave the way they do, but one day she learns the truth. The truth is far from what she could ever imagine it would be. She then understands why her parents act the way they do and why they would never allow her to leave the confines of their home. What she could never see coming was that she would forever be trapped within that very house even after finding out the truth. 

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This story has an unusual premise.  It doesn't really explain what happened in that room, and the teardrop red paint almost seems to attempt to mislead you.  I am still not sure there is any justification for hiding in a house one's whole life.  It reminded me of "Great Expectations."  But, I like the way it was done!  Best of Luck!

From: Spring Free | Created on: 4/4/2012 4:39:31 PM

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