Picture of Falling Flowers

Story One of Two: When a mother is placed in a phsych ward and her daughter, "Carylynn", comes to visit, who knew that the teenager would be held in a medical induced coma in the abandoned wing, by a patient with multiple personality disorder, named "Delilah". When "Carylynn" awakes a year later in the drab building, she learns more about herself on a faked document of her placement in the facility. She also learns more about her keeper "Delilah" who isn't very pleased. Will she beable to find out who she really is? Can she escape? If she does, will she beable to ease back into a society that she has been cut from? This is her story.

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Word Count 4,068
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I couldn't get my second short story written in time, but here we are, the first of many!

From: Cassie Hillard | Created on: 1/27/2012 12:15:11 AM

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