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Have you ever wondered what would happen if history was changed? That lies were told to cover up the mistake of someone? If so, you were right. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt - how did she really die? Read on to discover the truth, if you dare. 

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Interesting Concept
The story is very descriptive and at times has beautiful imagery. The concept of the asp being a cover story for what actually happened to Cleopatra is definitely an interesting one.
The only problem I see is that I couldn't figure out why Cleopatra would ask for it to be done that way when she had so many other ways she could kill herself that would not put Calliope in jeopardy. It may have been more convincing if Calliope had attacked Cleopatra rather than it being a suicide request.

From: Joe Niewierski — AuthorStand Founder | Created on: 4/27/2012 4:16:03 PM

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