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The Seafarer's Chronicle


This is a short story set in the early sixteenth century. I imagined what life at sea would be like after Columbus discovered the New World, especially in terms of other countries attempting to find their own El Dorado. I have always loved historical fiction and this was the very first time I tried my hand at it. I wrote it ten years ago, and it has always been my favorite short story to date.  I hope you thoroughly enjoy it.

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The Seafarer's Chronicle
I like the title and it did serve it's purpose.  this would make a good mini series. Possibly on volume form of book one, two, and three.  since you love this type of atmosphere (if you will) of writing I really feel it would a great adventure of  volume books!  I really love the way you executed your writing and the story flowed very well. You introduced each character into the story plot with ease and with balance. Your story had flavor.  I like the names of your characters especially Salty Sam, and Zeus, the black Persian.  I also like the no name day.." ALL SOUL'S DAY" ...You took me on an incredible sea voyage, LOL..I didn't know that Zeus was going to be the last supper!!!  Great Work!!

From: Delores Chappell | Created on: 1/4/2012 1:29:14 PM

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