Picture of The Lizard

A reptilian invader takes over a woman's life. 

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The Lizard
Good day!

I want to take the time to say that this is a cute little story.  It reminds me of  the "Goose Bump " type of story telling. You need to separate your paragraphs into pages, and then make sure you number them.  You should also double space your work it makes it easier to read.  You have to make sure that your story has a balance and have taste.  You  don't want your story sounding choppy when it's being read.  

Remember your targeted audience when writing!  If this is a children's book you would  want to remove the adult content.  You have to keep in mind that Educators and Parents will not take well to such language...and your book will not make it pass the entrance of the doorway of writing.  

I would definitely recommend that you use the tools here on this site to help polish up your book!   The title of your book could use some help ...like "The Invasion of the Lizards" You want a more eye catching title...your book is based around more than one lizard, and that's why I suggested the plural title.

From: Delores Chappell | Created on: 1/4/2012 3:44:38 PM

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