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  A girl was born and raised in a special institute where they perform experiments on the people who live there. around her ninth birthday, her parents sneak her out of the institute. They tell her she is more special then any of the other patients. As she is leaving, they are killed right before her eyes. During the next few years, she runs from scientists, trackers, and bounty hunters who work for the institute. They are bent on catching her. After receiving a letter from an old friend who she was forced to leave at the institute when she left, she returns in answer to the letter. However, the letter was not from him. In fact, her friend seems more changed, then she could ever imagine. As a spark of passion erupts between the two, war erupts at the institute between new friends and old enemies. READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS. THE STORY ENTERED IN THE CONTEST IS ONLY A SMALL PART OF THE ENTIRE BOOK.

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Missing Pieces
This story hints at a heart-thumping situation, but the flow is sketchy. Work on pacing and significant details, and get some help with the technical formatting and editing. I like the overall length in terms of the events you cover. I think this segment could use a little more about the institute, such as a flashback or even having the main character look back at the building as she runs away. Keep at those little revelations.

From: Christine Haggerty | Created on: 12/12/2012 5:47:26 PM

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