Picture of A New Beginning

 Elizabeth has grown up as a slave, her parents died when she was very young. Today, she is chained up to become the next snack for an approaching Dragon. But it turns out the Dragon work for the outcast societies king and queen, Elizabeth's parents. And now she has to fill her parents shoes and finish the battle to save her people.  

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Word Count 4301
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Product reviews
This story begins with an interesting premise, but then, abruptly the scene changes.    I didn't quite follow it, in places.  For instance, what did happen at the end?  Did all the characters fade away, or were they there, still?  What was the war about?  The descriptions seemed to be missing portions, and the typos took away from the charm it might have had.  I wouldn't stop working on it, I think it could develop nicely, but I would say it's not really at the point where it could win a writing contest.  The flow of sentences and events need smoothing out.  It's an intriguing idea, though!

From: Spring Free | Created on: 3/28/2012 5:55:37 PM

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