Picture of New Oregon Adventures On Old Oregon Trails

New Oregon Adventures On Old Oregon Trails


 A true on the road adventure about the many adventures I share with my Truck Driver husband.

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Oregon Trail
Linda I feel like I was peeking into someones diary. Your road adventures are unique and when you write about them and your feelings as the miles pass they bring back fond and fearful memories of many hours on frozen pavement. One thing about frozen grapes now is they make ice wine from them. Supposed to be very good, I couldn't say for sure as I never drink spirits. I had one trip from Calgary to Ft Simpson in northern B.C. that your oregon trip reminded me of. The Alaska highway was built from north west of Edmonton to Alaska mostly by the U.S. Army, using Canadian workers and equipment. The road was built with at least one sharp curve about every quarter of a mile in case of straffing by the enemy should they ever get to this contenent. It was ice  on ice on top of a very narrow two lane road. We had rain and we had snow as well as melting and freezing. We were in convoy and it seemed we spent more time pulling each other out of the ditch then we did travelling. Bad trip but one that outshines all the rest.
Stay Safe,
L. Lewis

From: Jessie L. Hiett | Created on: 12/16/2011 1:32:25 AM

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