Picture of Not Her Pageant

 Julia Clayton is a young drama teacher who works at the only elementary school in the small rural town of Wakefield. The school’s principal asks her to put on the Nativity play as part of the Christmas festivities, which will include the whole town. Julia is still fairly new to the job, and is eager to impress him and the other teachers. She starts her preparations, but quickly discovers that her students are not at all motivated to put on the play. They think it is nothing but an old-fashioned tradition that doesn’t mean anything, so they cause trouble for Julia. She is at her wits end, but then realizes that her wish to put on the play is solely for her own gain, so she decides to change her attitude and get a new perspective. Julia shares her inspiration with her class, and explains to them that they are really performing a true and important story. The children become excited and enthusiastic. When they perform the play, it is a wonderful success. 

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