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Ideas Never Cease (Short Story)


A short story based on movements in a fictional world, written in a first-person perspective. Struggling with the past and future of the events around him, he looks for clarity. After accomplishing level headedness, what has to be done is perfectly clear.

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Word Count 1,782
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This story could be a piece of reality, lately, and I think that disturbs me more than anything.  There were a few flow problems in it, and it does sort of feel incomplete, but it has an interesting premise.  I did enjoy some of the descriptions, even if at points I wasn't convinced of it's authenticity.  I mean to say, I am not sure police could be rushed like that, and someone lifted out of their custody, and the "attack" seems almost jumbled somehow.  I would encourage the author to continue developing it, though, I think it has promise.  Perhaps some parallels between the recent park protests would help to smooth out the rough edges.

From: Spring Free | Created on: 3/28/2012 6:09:42 PM

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