Picture of The Ghost

This story is about a character by the name of Johnny. At the beginning of the story, he meets a strange being whom he cannot see but who talks to him and demands Johnny to listen to what he has to say. He is aware of intimate details of Johnny's life, which really startles and frightens him. Johnny loses consciousness. Eventually, when he recovers, he tries to escape home, but the strange being tells him that he absolutely has to tell Johnny something that is very important for Johnny himself.  To escape him, Johnny ventures to talk to an individual he really dislikes, a person who once accused him of stealing money. After some hot debate, the individual comes close to attacking Johnny when the strange being intervenes and gets Johnny rid of theis person, Mark.  Afterwards, he again tells Johnny that he has to discuss something important with him. Confused but somewhat interested, Johnny lets the strange being come to his house. There, at last, he announces who he is to Johnny. He says that he is Johnny's ghost, which he should not be surprised about. The ghost informs him that all people have a ghost of their own. Eventually, he gives Johnny a choice: Johnny has to either accept him as his ghost and learn to believe in him or he will have to destroy him. Johnny is horrified at the prospect of destroying him, as he is a very humane and good natured individual. In the end, in the glow of the sunset, Johnny perceives the presence of faith in his life and begins to believe in the ghost. The story ends with him, his mother, and the ghost flying the kite on the beach. In the end, Johnny understands that life is wonderful.

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