Picture of Parenthood

Parenting as joyful as it is, is no easy task. Along with the cutesy, adorable toddler stage comes the harrowing trials and tribulations of the teenage years. However, life has a way of redeeming itself and as grandparents we get to enjoy the  'shits and giggles' saga, that as parents we couldn't. We get to watch those very same teenagers (our children) go through the same issues with their children and I must admit, that I for one have at times felt gleefully vindicated. I hope you enjoy the following short story.

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Ah the joys of parenthood!
Reading this story whilst having a 10 month old at home literally cracked me up! Also being that I am a young mother (23) I can also relate to the rebellious teenage years, yet I still have no explanation for my unusual behavior! Ha! The only thing I would add to your story Is how frustrating it can be to constantly tolerate some slightly overbearing advise on child rearing from family and friends. On another note I find when writing my own stories that I always run out of adjectives and I found yours to be incredibly descriptive and entertaining. Something I will work on.
Thanks for the laugh!
Your new bartending friend,

From: Lindsey Kaspriske | Created on: 9/24/2012 4:34:54 PM

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Before you decide to have kids you should read this story.
In only five pages it captured parenthood with honesty and never  used  the BS, created by Ad-man of Toy Makers, and Colleges, so they can loot  your retirement funds, in the name of children.



From: Wily Geist | Created on: 11/12/2011 8:08:11 PM

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