Picture of The Moth Man

 This reporter for the New York Herald stops reporting to work, because the moth man starts haunting him and his wife. And his manager can't get a hold of him. He receives all these phone calls from the moth man. And he tapes all these voices. And he finds himself, driving in the dark of night all over the place not knowing, where's he's heading. And when he comes back to his house, he has no knowledge of doing this. And his wife, also, is haunted by the moth man in hearing voices. And when she's taken to a hospital with a brain tumor, the doctor can't find files that prove she has one.

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Product reviews
sounds like a camp fire story
I know alot about the myth of the mysterious mothman, and when I saw the title of this story, it immediately got me interested. I found the story to be good, but it kind of sounds like a campfire story, and you had some grammer errors. Might want to check on those, but besides that, it's still good.

From: Zach Heher | Created on: 11/2/2011 10:33:10 PM

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