Picture of Rushed

Harold, a young artist who plans to enter the annual art show, but because of his proscrastination, he is forced to scramble to fine an interesting subject to paint for the event. With less than the usual time to complete a project of this importance, time is of the essence. His future in-laws are planning to attend and Harold wants to make a good showing. The clock is ticking and he wonders if he can pull it off. 

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I like this story!  It really gets to the heart of the creation process, and it shows good details, with flashbacks to childhood, and an interesting sort of parallel, almost between the old fisherman the author sees one day, and the tree that ultimately becomes the paintings' subject.  But, I want more!  I want to know about the question about marriage, (to which I can totally relate!), and how it plays into the procrastination, and the struggle with doing the more mundane chores leading up to the actual painting of the art.  Is there a link to the tree and the thought process of the artist about the tree and all the birds that might have nested there, the storms that might have been weathered?  If so, elaborate.  Mostly, keep working on refining the work, don't forget that the image can often portray an underlying idea, both in art and in writing!  Best of luck to you!  Oh, and the relationship between the artist and the framer, and the artist and the person at the contest, whispers of hard knocks, the due paying that comes with recognition, maybe tell us more about that?

From: Spring Free | Created on: 3/28/2012 8:21:36 PM

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