Picture of White Guys Sitting Around Laughing

White Guys Sitting Around Laughing


 Middle aged white ment try to find a purpose to their lives in the Philippines. 

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Word Count 1730
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Started out great....
Plot:  Plot was unclear.  I got that these men were looking for meaning in their lives, but the end of the story didn't really wrap up anything for me--other than 'after the storm we clean up and move on'....

Characters:  Great job on character development, I thought.  Even in such a short work, the characters were well-defined and the writer does a great job of giving a visual of each one.  Each character seems dark, gloomy and lost in his/her own way.

Style:  Loved the style--the characters' dialogue takes over and leads the reader effortlessly through the story.  

Strengths:  Interesting characters and inviting writing style.

Weaknesses:  The flip-flopping between present and past was a little clumsy at times.  Made it a little difficult to follow.  Also the purpose and plot weren't clear.

From: Teresa McCoy and Cindy Suda | Created on: 11/1/2011 3:34:07 PM

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