Picture of God's Special Child

This is a true story about my one and only child (a daughter) with very special needs. She was the joy of my life and was a joy to all who loved her. She was our very Special Little Angel!!

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God's Special Child
Misspells "extremely" twice, uses fourth instead of forth, uses bear instead of bare.

Beautiful story.  I always thanked God every day that my two children were free of these problems.  I wish you well.

From: Anonymous | Created on: 3/29/2013 5:23:59 PM

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God's Special Child
Wow this is really sad. You've been through so much, in my opinion the one's who go through stuff like that and are still able to live through it are the one's who actually have a good life. Because their are a lot of people who goes through stuff like that but aren't able to overcome it so they're pretty much wasting their lives. Death is a part of life so if you are strong enough to overcome it, you are a very strong person and you will live a good life. Touching story, I'm sorry for your lost, your daughter was gorgeous.

From: Jake Engel | Created on: 11/29/2012 3:08:07 PM

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There is so much material included in this story about your special angel, that has no bering on the emotion you need to get out. It is your story and you can write it any way you decide. But if you want healing, the story needs surgery. You actually have three great stories here. but the are mixed together cronologically. That is how life happens naturally and cronologic. Still if you were able to seperate these, you would have three very good stand on their own hits. 1. Crissy ,the angel the lord had you care for.
                  2. The story of finding true love, in spite of the first not working out.
                  3. The difference between good and bad medical help.
Three best sellers, if you can seperate them.

From: Valormore De Plume | Created on: 9/18/2012 8:45:49 PM

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Words for God's Special Child
I would never try to critique something so personal or the outpouring of another’s heart. I’m sorry you have been through so much. It is a story worth telling and I’m sure with so many emotions assailing you as you wrote, you found it difficult to keep from straying. I’m sure it was therapeutic to write things down as they came to you.  A little tip you may want to keep in mind as you are writing, sometimes the reader can be overwhelmed with too much information. Pace yourself.

From: Michelle Kidd | Created on: 8/15/2012 4:18:32 PM

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