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A Good Screw And A Rubber

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A tale of two elderly ladies that set off on a road trip adventure in "Old Blue", a rusted out problematic  1960's Oldsmobile. One lady is trying to find her way home while the other is just trying to survive the trip! This is based on a true story that my grandmother recorded onto a cassette tape along the way, very few parts are added fiction. THIS IS A LAUGH-OUT-LOUD READ! You would think that with age comes wisdom for an easy going road trip but the problems just keep comming with these two charters!

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Truth more interesting than fiction
Dawn, this proves my long-held mantra, that fact is more interesting and much more fun than fiction. It is such a good story, that the problems with sentence structure, prose and punctuation, few as they are, are overlooked.

You must write down more of your life experiences.

This was a fun read!

From: Trevor Snyman | Created on: 12/19/2012 11:51:40 AM

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A Good Screw And A Rubber
Hi Dawn,
   This is such a good and funny story. I already voted and reviewd this once. You write very well. Do you have any other stories out? Please let me know.
Thank You!! Good Luck with this one!!!! I really enjoyed it. It is so funny!!:):):)

From: Linda Pickens Phalen | Created on: 8/29/2011 8:30:40 PM

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