Picture of My Thirtieth

                                                       Chapter 1: The Painting                                 


As a young girl, I (Miranda Mirro) was always intrigued by fairy tales.

I had this vision counterlocked in my mind that if I pursued dreaming of castles and knights in shining armor, my innermost dreams would become realtiy. Unfortunatley, while on the path to true love, I made a mistake. One that I will always regret, and one that I made over and over again. I made this error at least Thirty times. Little did I know, my error was connected to a painting. A painting with a very pernicious intention.

    At my favorite art muesem, there is a painting of a woman holding a small kitten under an oak tree. It was a breath-taking piece, and extraordinarily beautiful. However, there was a belligerent definition behind it. I could sense the dark charisma lingering within the dark blue skies, and a silent threat interwined in the womans' smile.

Why a person would make something so evil so obvious, I had not a clue. And yet, It was not hidden. The darkness was obvious, and evil translucent. I gazed upon the piece for a moment, and then forcibly tore my eyes away.

   The memory of that picture has stayed with me over the course of 18 years. I have always known that the picture was telling me something. It was meaning to give me a warning, a symbol,. an oppression of danger.

 Nevertheless of what I could see, the picture definitley meant something. Ever since that memory branded itself in my mind, I spend each and every day attempting to discover the secrecy behind the overwhelming piece.



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My Thirtieth
Not bad. Some spelling errors and incorrect possessives, but It's early. Sine this is Chapter One, you need to get busy expanding it so we can understand the title.

From: James Hold | Created on: 3/2/2013 5:19:14 PM

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