Picture of Premium Contest #2 Entry — GENERAL FICTION

Premium Contest #2 Entry — GENERAL FICTION

AuthorStand Premium Contest #2

(All Sub-genres Accepted)

Premium Contest #2 is now closed to entries.
A full list of entries will be posted on Tuesday, April 16th
and winners will be announced on May 11th!


First Prize:

Second Prize: $300

Third Prize:
Amazon Kindle eReader

Maximum Word Count: 2000 Words
Maximum Number of Entries: 100
Entry Fee: $23

What Do You Get For Your $23?

• The chance to win one of the great prizes listed above!
• An Official Judge's Review, giving specific ways you could improve your story, or pointing out what they enjoyed about it. If you'd like, we'll also post the review to your story listing on the site!
Judges' Scores in 5 different categories including, writing technique, originality and more!


What's Different About Our Premium Contests?

First, we limit the number of entries in each contest. Your story will be competing against a maximum of 99 others for the top 3 prizes. Most contests accept all who enter, sometimes putting your story up against tens of thousands of others for a chance at the prizes.

Second, you get real feedback. We are a site that is here to help authors improve, and we think that if you pay for something you should get something in return. That is why, when the judging is done, we will send you specific suggestions to improve your story and AuthorStand Judges' Scores across these five categories:

• Proofing & Editing
• Writing Technique
• Originality
• Plot Development
• Character Development

How are Winners Chosen?

Winners in our premium contests are chosen by the AuthorStand Judges. During the contest the stories will be listed on our site and may receive ratings or reviews, however these do not have any influence on the final outcome of the contest. All winners chosen by the judges are final. When you win, the prize will be sent to the payout address listed in your account within 14 days of the winners being announced.

Which Stories are Eligible for Entry

Your original story must be within the word count range specified, must not have won an AuthorStand contest in the past (it can have been entered in a previous contest) and must be able to be listed on AuthorStand during the contest. Those are the only restrictions!

The entry deadline for this contest is 4/11/2013 or when 100 entries are received, whichever comes first. This contest is void where prohibited. Winners will be announced within 30 days of the final submission being received. Click here for official rules page.

If you have any questions about this contest please send them to us here!


Product Specifications
Word Count Max 2000