Yanna Eli

Yanna Eli

Author, Reader

East Tawas, Michigan

After twenty years of food service managment, I decided it was time to slow down a little by stepping away from the stressful and chaotic working world to take on a very non-traditional role for men-- being a stay-at-home father while my wife attends college and tackles the working world at the same time. 

Managing a restaurant was easy; managing to keep my sanity in a house full of women is absolutely priceless!

Current Project

I am currently attending Full Sail University's BA in Creative Writing for Entertainment online, while continuing to pursue publishing opportunities.

My AuthorStand Titles

When I was asked, "Who was my biggest influence to become a Chef?" many great and well known Chefs came to mind.  But when I really pondered why this became a career choice, my own grandmother would have to be my true influence.  Though she has been gone for almost thrity years n...
This short but inspirational story is an exerpt from my memiors which I have been piecing together slowly.  It deals with a personal subject to me, how I found my Faith in God and dedicated my life to Jesus Christ.  There are very few role models for our youth today, especially responsible...
 A swing of bad luck hit Albert and Flora in their "Golden Years".  Retirement plans to travel in style across the United States in search of vintage treasures disintegrate, leaving the future bleak.  A generous gift on the couple's Wedding Anniversary offers on shot for Alb...
 Young Taylor lives in fear. A victim of abuse at the hands of awful parents, he prays for an escape.  Then the day comes when Taylor's path is crossed by a little black cat with a secret that changes everything.  What comes around goes around.
 Professor Jeremy Butler is a Marine Archeologist who has enjoyed a life of priviledge and access.  But the playboy professor finds himself in danger in the middle of the Baltic Sea, thanks to a little white lie. Part one in a four part series.
Weathy Socialite Helen Butler is use to her playboy son Jeremy jetsetting about at her expense, but her darling baby has not even called Mommy in more than a week and that is cause for concern. Part two of a four part series.