Greg Meritt

Greg Meritt

Author, Reader


I am a happily married fifty-two year old with three wonderful adopted children ages seven, six and four. And a twenty-seven-year old from a previous marriage.

Working full-time and being a husband and father leaves little time for my passion - writing. I find the early morning hours most conducive to creative production while the evening hours are reserved for my other passion, which is reading.

I starting writing about a year and a half ago and have written the start to two novels, completed one, written about five short stories and have almost finished a novella.

I enjoy reading Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Gillian Flynn, Ray Bradbury, John Steinbeck, Cormac McCarthy and many others.

Current Project

Editing a 105,000 word novel, which is almost done. Finishing a 30,000 word novella and then its on to my next novel.

My AuthorStand Titles

In the middle of the State High School Basketball Championships, a young man of seventeen suddenly collapses, dead from a rare disease. A story of grief, loss and ultimately, hope.
Two teenage boys out for their first real thrill find something else waiting for them. A weird and strange tale that was fun to write.
A faithful son visits his dying mother in a convalescent home ... for the last time.
For Ivey League Contest. When Frannie meets Frank, her heart flutters ... but not forever.
Madeline's favorite season was winter. There was just something about the fresh-fallen snow that seemed to wipe out all the clutter in the world, at least for awhile. For the Green Ink contest.
Jacob and Kyle, two college-aged young men, meet their girlfriends at the secluded swimming hole on a hot day in early July during summer break. But the swimming hole isn't as secluded as they think.
Warning: Some parts are graphic and not for children. Detective Kevin Strode is a tired, run-down thirty-three year veteran of the Seattle Police Department. He is on the trail of an escaped mental patient, who seems to know a little too much about Detective Strode's family and his life. Will Strod...
When one of the worst winter storms ravaged Southern Missouri, Brian Singer, at the protest of his wife, had to help. But maybe he should have left that to the professionals.
At the insistence of his sister, Rusty Anderson agrees to a blind date. But this is one dinner he won't soon forget.
Fifty-two-year old Peter Hammond, out for his morning walk, finds a quarter lying on the sidewalk. He picks it up and puts it in his pocket. He should have left it alone.
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