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Nicholas Hand

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South of the Border

9 out of 10 doctors agree that I'm bad for everyone's health. I paid off the tenth one.

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My Cult of Personality, Dust Devil's, Prey.

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A group of school children in the future learn about the brutality of an ancient civilization and the events that finally led to its great collapse. In the span of 500 years it is beleived that over 500,000 people died as a result of the games played at the Roman Coliseum. The Night Stalker show cl...
A comedian that performs throughout the galaxy finds himself in an extreamly volitile situation as pirates invavade the ship he's performing on.  
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  Story for Forum contest created by Russell Giles. A murder suspect under interrogation reveals more information than the detective in charge of the case was hoping for.  
 In the heart of a broken city a large number of people have gone missing. Dective James Carter seeks to find the answers of what's happening to the residents.   (Some strong language and violence)
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