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I love to write and have been writing since I was eleven.  I'm an expert in writing about the weird and the unknown!  Mysteries, Horror, and Thrillers are my favorite kind of stories, to read and write!  I'm also a fan of fantasy.

Current Project

The Stallion without a Rider; The Burning Moon; and a series called Terror Avenue.

My AuthorStand Titles

Two pen pals who each live their lives secluded, find out a twisted secret.
A man goes to his grandfather's mansion after his death and discovers a banshee who he falls in love with.
A story about a girl who was adopted, but whose twin grew up with their parents.  You discover one evil event after another.
A married man goes home with a woman he meets at a bar.  The night soon unravels a strange truth about this woman and the man finds himself in danger.
This is a book of poems about hardships, romance, and courage from myself and others around me.
Several short stories that discuss matters that are either joyous in life or difficult in life.
This is the second addition to the series about the joys and difficulties one may face in life.
Janet and William are brother and sister who recently moved to Waterside, Pennsylvania.  They live on a street that is known for the weird happenings that take place on it.  They discover something entirely weird themselves when their parents go missing.
A man goes into Church to confess to the Priest.
Several short stories that all have a twist in them.
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