Lawson Brooks

Lawson Brooks

Author, Reader

Mt Holly NC

 Born in the bible belted belly of the Christ haunted South, I've been telling stories since I could talk. Didn't start writing them down till around the 3rd grade. The Devil made me a story teller, God made me a writer. I feel like I write most of my stories at gunpoint. 

My AuthorStand Titles

 Summoned back into the Vietnam war, Silas must deal with the demons that still haunt him from his previous tour as he prepares to leave.
 Jesse, a church custodian on hard times, struggles with his own righteousness while trying to be a faithful servant to God and church. A fateful encounter with two wayward souls offers him a chance at redemption.
It's Jimmy first day back at school since his horrific accident. He tries to make friends, but kids can be so cruel.
For GG's Writing Contest: The following is based on a true story...I swear it.