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S.P. Johnson Jr.

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Holland, MI

 I'm a speculative fiction writer from Holland, MI where I live with my wife and our two daughters. I like to skateboard in the summer, snowboard in the winter, drink craft beer, and play games all year round.

You can find my short story "Pilgrim" in the Division by Zero anthology 1 titled "Post Mortem" at mifiwriters.org Available as e-book or POD.

My AuthorStand Titles

 When Will McNeil views the future, his experience is singular and the possibilities are quite attractive. The only problem is, he has to make this unbelievable vision become his reality.
The world is being taken into a new ice age, and it's people are fleeing for the equator. All, that is, except for Zeke, who has decided to take his chances in the abandoned North.  
 Rev. Miller had built his own Heaven and organized a rapture for his congregation. But when two men, Gunn and Ruddle, find Miller's paradise, they discover a pervasive flaw.    
 As a mercenary looks back at a small village, he considers the implications of an anomaly observed in the aftermath of his visit .  
 When a group of crippled orphans are taken in and healed by a man styling himself as "Father Jerome," one of the orphans, Moloch, questions the motives of the pretending priest.
 A universe can be created, but must be destroyed within 90 minutes. To those who live inside that window, eternity finds new definitions. A trilogy of drabbles