Patricia Burke

Patricia Burke


I am a Mother of 3 men and a grandmother of 2grandchildren, a boy and a girl. I am a Minister, Beautician, and CNA. I am a artist and writer. But I enjoy writing more than anything on that list. I am no longer able to work  but now have so much more time to write than I had years ago. I loved taking care of people. It was the most fulfilling thing I did.

As much as I loved what I use to do, I love writing more. I have always written poems and songs but enjoy writing articles and stories so much that I cannot choose which I like the best.

I look forward to reading others work. Feel free to offer your opinions concerning mine. (In a nice way)

Current Project

I have currently started on a book about my life. Something I hope will benefit others.

My AuthorStand Titles

A story of how one boy lived in the 60's and some of the lessons one learns as they are growing up.
A short story about a new discovery. A beautiful planet with water and air. There is just one problem.