Jack Ivey

Jack Ivey


San Antonio, Texas

My name is Jack Ivey and I live in the small south Texas town of Lavernia, population 924. I am originally from Glassboro, New Jersey and I miss it more and more every day. I have been involved in all genres of creative writing for as long as I can remember beginning with writing original music and lyrics for a garage band I was a member of when I was in Junior High School.

As I grew I tried my hand at short stories writing a series of stories for small children that I handed out with their Halloween candy. I received many kind words from parents and a few teachers and was invited to read one of my stories, "What is a Gorf" to a second grade class. I believe watching the expressions on the young children's faces sewed up the fact that I would be a writer. The affect it had on me was so invigorating that I was certain writing children's books would be in the cards for me. But as it often does, this young man's heart took flight and I fell in love and found poetry was an easy way to a girl's heart. So, I became a poet, at least that is how I thought of myself and began a journey that has spanned many, many years.

I was recently introduced to Flash Fiction and found this form of writing is as exciting as it was difficult. I have since written over 250 Flash Fiction stories and published a book of some titled, "Into the Valley of my Imagination." Flash Fiction it seems opened up the door to my dark side and I have since had several poems and Flash Fiction stories published in Dark Moon Book's e-zine, Dark Eclipse.

Current Project

I am currently working on a 2nd collection of Flash Fiction stories that I intend to publish soon.

My AuthorStand Titles

An adventure for the young reader about how two children of this world help save a kingdom in another world they accidentally discover.
A first day of school story for young children. Edited by Valerie Byron
One man's garbage is another's evidence 
Why do black cats really cross your path? 
Dreaming of wearing that little black dress in the window 
 Life after growing up with an abusive father  
A good reason to not go in the attic.
 This is a what if? What if Paul McCartney of the Beatles had actually died back in 1966 as was rumored and clued in songs and albums covers and replaced with a shape shifter sent in by Satan himself. 
A flash fiction about what fuels a killer.  
A flash fiction that rocks and rolls.  
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