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Joy Cecilia Meadowlark

Author, Illustrator, Reader

Age: under 18



Since I was a child I loved fantasy, I was always making up games and stories in my head and acting them out with my imaginary friends.  Now that I am older I put my ideas into writing, creating new worlds of magic and delight.   I am currently an unpublished author,



My AuthorStand Titles

An interperative, historical essay from a girl's point of view.  She talks about the Influenza Pandemic in 1774, how it affected familes and the aftermath.
A girl struggles to over come the death of her mother as she goes through highschool. While she is considered "exceptionally popular" by the most popular girls at school, she can't help but feel alone.  Her bestfriend won't stop pestering her about a secret, her father is hinting at t...
A essay on the popularity of American Idol.
An analogy on life being a story.
The gentle, child version of a Chicken named Happy Feet's life.
 A woman is followed home one night and an unlikely stranger saves her.  This is a compact version of the real story.