Brandon ♥ Bennett

Brandon ♥ Bennett

Author, Illustrator, Reader


I love is what I do best. I am 17 years of age and my life has been tough. I keep going though, I never give up. Once I set my mind on something, you better know that I damn well get it done. <3


                                                        - βrαηdoη βeηηe₮₮



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Death speaks his mission statement.
I recently took a holiday to the forests of Africa. What I found there was and still is quite shocking. My good friend, Bollo, who is in fact a gorilla; told me a sad tale of his brother Cheeko. This is my account of what happend. Enjoy.
This is unlike anything you have ever read is a journey into the depths of the darkest human imagination. Such things that lurk here are not really frightening as much as shockingly interchangable with our everyday lives. Can you relate to this man? If so, some might just call you mad.
These are my basic points made upon the speculation of religion. I point out many flaws in the most mainstream religion; thus being Christianity. If i have offended you...good. Go confess about it.
Hi, my name is Tim. You will come to learn that I am strange. I have problems. I can't help but kill people, the blood on my hands; it just makes me happy. I hope it doesnt hurt. Let me ask you, are you afraid of knives?
A short snapshot of a man before death claims him. (considered artwork as well)